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"It's Nice Out" 

After a cold winter, JJ the ICE CREAM SHARK is ready   to go out and sell ice cream! All is good until his truck is stolen! He meets up with Hombre Lobster to go on a wacky adventure that will test the limits of one’s sanity in this kid’s book by Jay Stuart!!

"SadBug Episodes" 

Welcome to world of SadBug, a series of comic shorts displaying the many emotions (good and bad) of SadBug as he tries to deal with the daily challenges we all face for better or for worse.. Do you relate to his adventures or seen society act this way? Read and find out yourself....

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"Opera della Morte" 

In a small village in 19th Century Italy, Canio's famous commedia troupe arrives to give the villagers the show they have been waiting all season to see. But a love triangle involving Canio's wife stirs a rage in him that in uncontrollable. When he paints his face as the famous "Pagliaccio", he is about to enter a realm of darkness, stained with blood. Based on the 1892 Italian Opera "Pagliacci"by composer Ruggero Leoncavallo, this illustrated storybook is  a tragic tale by illustrator and writer Jay Stuart.

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"The Last Centralian"

This 8.5"x8.5" paperback  color book is of Jay Stuart's Inktober 2017 series based on the real life town of Centralia, PA! The town was taken by a coal fire in the 80's and the government has moved everyone out- but one man returns to reflect his life and finds the strange and macabre!

"Symphony of Horror" 

This colored 6x9 52 page graphic novel ​"SYMPHONY OF HORROR" is a collection of illustrations put into an illustrated storybook from artist Jay Stuart's Inktober "Nosferatu" 2015 series. It's inspired by the silent film "Nosferatu" from 1922, with added scenes and story pages! Original hand drawings are doing on tanned toned paper with india and sumi ink with brush.

Jay Stuart's  COMPLETE Tarot.

This deck of Tarot includes 78 original illustrations from Jay Stuart's 2016 Inktober Tarot series. Each illustration shows a macabre interpretation of the Major and Minor Arcana Tarot cards that will haunt your soul!

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